School & Library Programs

Fun and educational, Miss Jamie’s show for schools and libraries is a Musical Storytime adventure, involving interactive singing and dancing songs, funny farm puppets, and imaginative play. Children and families alike will love the values learned from their friends down on Miss Jamie’s farm. 


Miss Jamie’s School Show (pre K-2) and Library Programs start at $450. Small preschool and daycare shows start at $300. For more information or to begin booking, contact Miss Jamie below. 

What Folks are Saying:


Miss Jamie's performance was so much fun! The children really enjoyed her songs and sang and danced along.  She walked around and interacted with the patrons which was great.  I also liked how she read and acted out her book and used puppets along the way.  We had great feedback from our patrons and I would highly recommend Miss Jamie for any musical performance! ~ Stephanie, Lake Zurich ELA Library