Miss Jamie's Virtual Playdates

Just because we're being socially distant, doesn't mean we can't still be social. Miss Jamie has found a fun way to deliver her bright, colorful, and fun show to her farm fans while we're all sheltered in place in our homes! Kids get to react to Miss Jamie, shout out their favorite fruits and veggies when they see them on-screen and all have a barnyard blast singing and stomping their boots just like they get to in her live show.

Whether you're hosting a birthday party or just need a treat and a chance to hang with your friends virtually, Miss Jamie has you covered. With both one-price or ticketed models available, you and your friends can have a great time without breaking the bank!

Here's video from  one of our recent playdates!

Come take a trip from the city to the farm! Themes include doing chores down on the farm and learning about seed cycle and planting vegetables.

It's Miss Jamie's book come to life! Themes include character values like kindness, honesty, self-confidence, physical fitness, entrepreneurship, perseverance, learning, and using your imagination.

Meet up with your friends and chat after the show. Kids interact with Miss Jamie!

Are you representing a school, library or other organization? Below is a list of the programs being offered in either live (Zoom or Live-Stream on Facebook or YouTube) or pre-recorded formats (video download for one week of use plus 5 'teaser' videos to promote the show). All of the programs are around 30 minutes long and are musical and storytelling in nature. Discounts are offered for multiple bookings and rates are flexible. Contact Miss Jamie today!

Have a great fall! Come sing and dance with Humpty Dumpty and the dancing scarecrow! Themes include Fall Harvest and can include Halloween/Thanksgiving songs upon request.

Summertime! Sing and dance your cares away with songs about being outside and having fun!

Celebrate the wonders of springtime! Themes include flowers, birds hatching and baby animals.

Let's grow in the garden! Themes include seed cycle, pollinators, and eating healthy fruits and veggies in all the colors of the rainbow!

Sing and dance about the fun of dressing up for Halloween in this oh-so-fun and not-so-scary program for young kids and families.

Join Miss Jamie and Mary's little lamb as we learn about shapes, colors, counting money, nursery rhymes, and more! It's all here in this fun program for school age or preschool aged children and their folks.

It's time for chores on the farm! Themes include tasks both on the farm and at home, like taking a bath and brushing your teeth and being a big helper in your family.

Celebrate the wonders of winter with Miss Jamie & friends! Themes include states of water, the ways animals prepare for winter, deciduous vs evergreen trees, and fun winter ideas like building a snowman and making hot coco.

From holiday classics to new fun songs like "5 Little Latkes" everyone will have fun celebrating the joy of the season!

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